Permeable Brick
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                               Permeable Brick 

Permeable Brick  originated in the Netherlands, in the 

process of the Dutch sea reclamation, found that the surface after the seawater will be due to long-term exposure to moisture caused by continuous ground subsidence. Once the embankment on the coastline is washed away, the sea will quickly rush to the city, which is much lower than the sea level, to flood the entire sea. In order to make the ground no longer sink, the Dutch made a long 200 mm wide 100 mm 50 or 60 mm high pavement brick laying on the street surface, and the brick and brick between the reserved 2 mm gap. So rain when the rain from the gap between the brick into the ground. This is later famous for the Dutch bricks.

Permeable Brick  have good water permeability and permeability, which can make the rain water penetrate deeply into the ground, supplement the soil water and groundwater, 

keep the soil moisture and improve the living conditions of the urban ground plants and soil microbes.

The Permeable Brick  absorb moisture and heat, regulate the temperature and humidity of the local space, and have a great effect on regulating the urban microclimate and 

alleviating the urban heat island effect.

Permeable Brick  have the ability to reduce urban drainage and flood control pressure, to prevent public water pollution and sewage treatment has a good effect, so that the road is not water.After the water puddle water is not water, do not slip after the snow, to facilitate the public safe travel.

The surface of the Permeable Brick  is slightly concave and convex to prevent reflection of the road surface and to absorb the noise generated when the vehicle is running, thereby improving the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

Permeable Brick  with rich colors, natural simple, affordable, diverse specifications.