Noya Stone flooring Description

Product Description of Stone flooring:

1.Stone flooring is made from materials of plastic powder and stone powder, with advanced technology and high-tech adhesive synthetic crystals to form a strong and stable balance of structure, to overcome the structural weaknesses of wood flooring.
2.Stone flooring is also anti-temperature, anti-insect, waterproof. It can be used bedroom, kitchen, washroom and so on. 


Features of Stone flooring:
1. The same lacquer processing as wood flooring with base of stone and resin mixture.
2. Green: non-toxic, tasteless ore as raw material;
3. Energy saving: not destroy forest resources, recyclable utilization;
4. Water-proof, anti-skid: no distortion in long-term immersion in water. You can spread it in living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, tea houses, bathroom, foot bath center, indoor swimming pools, or outdoor.
5. Effective fire-retardant, anti-static
6. No radiation: it does not produce all kinds of radiation hazards. 

7. No heat expansion and cold contract: very small expansion coefficient, no keel.
8. No absorbing cold, flavor, no wet, no cold whether in summer or winter.
9. Anti-aging, pest control, anti-mildew: long service life, no aging, no discoloration, no mildew, no worm.
10. Simple installation: DIY effect. You can nail, saw, paste.

11. Save time, effort, no worry: no much time for maintains.

Standard Size of Stone flooring:

910*120*10 mm       760*100*8mm

Contact Way:


Tel:   05925685666