Neck Roll Pillow Material

Neck roll pillow material

Neck roll pillow material is composed of memory cotton.

Memory cotton: memory cotton is also called slow rebound, is the sixties of the last century by the United States Space Agency (NASA) subsidiary of the United States Health (HEALTHMAN) developed by the company, is an open cell structure. Decompression of the characteristics can also be called as a temperature-sensitive materials. HealthMAN uses this material on the space shuttle. In order to protect the astronauts from the pressure, to protect the astronauts of the astronauts, especially the space shuttle in the return and leave the ground when the astronauts bear the pressure and the most dangerous. In order to protect the safety of astronauts, so the invention of this material. He and GPS (Global Positioning System) and known as the two major inventions of space technology. The greatest science of the 21st century will be life sciences, and space science and technology has made great contributions to the study of human life sciences. In the early 1990s, Sweden Fagerdala company re-developed for the civilian (medical) products, the first in the medical emergency, monitoring system has been widely applied. And then in developed countries, especially in Japan and other health-conscious countries quickly spread.

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