Mineral Wool Insulation Products Selection Points

   Mineral wool Insulation products selection points

1)Mineral wool insulation  in the building can be used for steel structure, concrete and masonry structure of the roof, walls, partitions and curtain wall insulation and high temperature pipe insulation.

2) moisture in the mineral wool insulation material has a very easy migration characteristics, and its products inherent loose will lead to high air permeability, so the choice of mineral cotton products, should consider its moisture migration, air permeability, compressible Sex and durability.

3) For the insulation of the exposed ventilation roof and the insulation layer on both sides of the wall should take a reliable anti-seepage measures to ensure that its insulation performance will not be significantly reduced.

4) Due to the easy migration characteristics of moisture in mineral wool board , liquid water will soon be discharged from the bottom of vertical building components (eg external walls), and non-permanent moisture will not significantly affect the insulation performance of the components The However, horizontal building components (such as flat roof) may have an impact.

5) In the range of commonly used density, the thermal conductivity of mineral wool products does not vary with density. However, the thermal resistance of mineral wool products is proportional to its thickness. It can be seen that the compression caused by the load, the compression creep under long term load, the long-term use of the subsidence, etc. will lead to a decline in thermal resistance.

6) The durability of mineral wool insulation products mainly involves compression creep, subsidence and moisture deterioration, these changes will directly affect its thermal insulation properties.

7) Mineral wool insulation soluble chloride ion content is low, the steel components (including austenitic stainless steel) no corrosion.

8) Mineral Wool Insulation at high temperatures may produce shrinkage deformation, low density of Mineral wool insulation in the long-term use or high frequency low vibration occasions, the use of thickness subsidence may occur.

9) pendulum Mineral wool board tensile strength, anti-sinking performance and thermal stability is better than the settlement method of Mineral wool board.

10) The role of heat and water vapor may have a detrimental effect on inorganic mineral fibers. Long-term exposure to rock wool in high temperature and high humidity environment may lead to fiber degeneration and reduced insulation performance.

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