Mineral Wool Board Features

Mineral wool board Features

Mineral wool board with high quality mineral wool as the main raw material, 100% without asbestos, no needle-like dust, not through the respiratory tract into the body, harmless to the human body. The use of composite fiber and mesh structure of the base coating, greatly improving the impact resistance, resistance to deformation. The internal structure of the mineral wool board is three-way crossover network structure, the internal space is sufficient, the structure is solid, greatly improve its own sound-absorbing and noise-reducing ability, which is 1 ~ 2 times higher than that of ordinary mineral wool board. The internal addition of moisture-proof agent and auxiliary moisture-proof agent, both to increase the surface fiber resistance, effective stability of cement, to maintain the strength of the plate, and can adjust the indoor humidity, improve the living environment. Nano antibacterial agent filled the inside of the board, can effectively mold, sterilization, antibacterial regeneration, greatly improving the scope of application, so that it can be applied to require antibacterial, sterile sterile environment. Adding rare earth inorganic composite material, so that mineral wool board with surface activity, can be strongly adsorbed, decomposition of the process of formaldehyde and other toxic substances, and has the chemical properties of ion exchange, effectively improve the concentration of oxygen ions in the air. Greatly improving the living space. Added with fire, heat insulation function of expanded perlite effectively reduce the cooling, heating costs, in line with the new era of people's energy saving, energy consumption needs.

Mineral wool board

1, noise reduction: mineral wool board to mineral wool as the main production of raw materials, and mineral wool microporous developed, reducing acoustic reflection, eliminate echo, isolated floor noise transmission.

2, sound absorption: mineral wool board is a porous material, composed of numerous fibers from the pores, reducing acoustic reflection, eliminate echo, isolated floor noise transmission. Sound waves impact the surface of the material, part of the reflection back, part of the plate to absorb, and some through the plate into the cavity, greatly reducing the sound, effective control and adjust the indoor response time, reduce noise. In the interior decoration, the average sound absorption rate of up to 0.5 or more, for office, schools, shopping malls and other places.

3, sound insulation: through the ceiling material effectively cut off the noise of the room, creating a quiet indoor environment.

4, fire: to prevent fire is a modern public buildings, high-rise building design of the primary problem, mineral wool board is non-flammable mineral wool as the main raw material, in the event of fire will not produce combustion, so as to effectively prevent the spread of fire , Is the most ideal fire ceiling material.

5, decorative: mineral wool sound-absorbing board surface treatment in the form of rich, the board has a strong decorative effect. The surface of the knurled mineral wool board, commonly known as "caterpillars", the surface covered with shades, shapes, holes of different holes. Another kind of "sky", the surface aperture depth is different. After milling the formation of three-dimensional mineral wool board, the surface made into the size of the box, different width and stripes and other forms. There is also a relief type mineral wool board, after compression molding, the surface pattern is exquisite, with the center flower, cross flower, walnut pattern and other shapes, is a very good decoration with ceiling profiles.

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