Metal Roof Colors
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             metal roof colors

Metal roof colors with a unique waterproof, windproof design of the nail installation technology, so that the roof system has a strong resistance to heavy rain, snow, wind capacity.

Metal roof colors itself with aluminum magnesium alloy or copper as a substrate, itself has a high temperature, low temperature, light resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, strong seismic performance and long service life; maintenance-free environment-friendly materials The

Metal roof colors using dry work, low temperature season can also be construction. metal roof colors installation is not subject to seasonal restrictions, and the sub-material consumption of the low, reducing the consumption of materials, improve the efficiency of the construction and reduce the project cost.

Metal roof colors is the international advanced level of new, complex, environmentally friendly, high-tech roofing waterproof material. The product is a major innovation in the traditional roofing technology, is the conventional roof waterproof material replacement products, metal roof colors of its domestic and foreign markets and product development prospects are extremely broad, in recent years, metal tiles have become North America, Europe, Australia, many countries roofing materials Of the mainstream products in Asia, South America and Africa also began to widely used.