Main Features Of Exterial Wall Board

Main features of Exterial wall board

1, beautiful decoration:

The outer metal panel, through embossing, baking process, can be made of marble, tiles, mosaic, wood and other artistic appearance, 110 colors and textures to choose from.

2, insulation energy:

The thermal insulation properties of the inner layer are hard foam polyurethane, the thermal conductivity is less than 0.024W / m · k, the insulation performance is better than XPS extruded plate (thermal conductivity of 0.031W / m · k) and EPS polystyrene board (thermal conductivity Is 0.042 W / m · k).

3, construction is simple:

Take the keel dry hanging with the wall connection, the product of the grass-roots flatness or humidity requirements are lower; board and board between the plug-in installation, do not need adhesive bonding or hook, the construction of its temperature conditions Low, can be winter facilities; because at the same time with the decoration and insulation function, you can ensure that the construction and maintenance of the construction of insulation at the same time, will help shorten the project duration, speed up the progress of the project to save construction costs;

4, durable:

Polyester topcoat, take the coating process coated on the galvanized alloy steel surface, outdoor use 10-15 years does not fade. Aluminized zinc alloy steel plate life of more than 45 years.

5, environmental protection:

Exterial wall board using environmentally friendly raw materials, assembly line production, finished installation, construction and use of the process will not harm the environment, and recyclable.

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