Magnesium Oxide Product Range

Magnesium oxide product range

Magnesium oxide products are mainly divided into light magnesium oxide and heavy magnesium oxide two. Light volume loose, white amorphous powder. Odorless and tasteless non-toxic. Density of 3.58g / cm3. Insoluble in pure water and organic solvents, the solubility in water due to the presence of carbon dioxide and increased. Soluble in acid, ammonium salt solution. By high temperature burning into crystals. Case of carbon dioxide in the air to produce magnesium carbonate double salt. Heavy volume is compact, white or beige powder. And water easy to combine, exposed to the air easy to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide. Mixed with magnesium chloride solution easy to gel hardening.

With the upgrading of industrial upgrading and high-tech functional materials market demand and development, R & D to produce a series of high-tech fine magnesium oxide products, mainly used for high-grade lubricants, advanced tanning to mention alkali, food grade, medicine, silicon steel grade, senior Electromagnetic grade, high purity magnesium oxide and other nearly ten varieties.