Insulation Materials Will Become The Coatings Industry Development Highlights

In recent years, insulation is one of the favorite, are widely used in life. Insulation is usually divided into two types, hydrophobic silicate insulation coating and adhesive powder polystyrene particles external wall insulation coating.

The former consists of expanded perlite, silicone, aluminum silicate fiber and high quality sepiolite fabric, high quality insulation materials and polymer compound, and has excellent insulation properties, is widely used in wall insulation, cold storage, pipelines, tankers and other. Which is a new type of insulation materials, synthetic rubber powder polyphenyl granule of two components.

Insulation construction technology including thermal insulation layer, crack resistant protective layer and waterproof finish part three.

Among them, the heat insulating layer uses powder polyphenylene grain thermal insulation mortar; crack resistant protective layer is added to anti-crack mortar coated alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh; waterproof layer is the protective layer elastic primer on surfaces, coatings and surface finishes bricks, the process system is developed cash paste material and its application on the basis of development.