Installation of Partition Channel

Installation of Partition Channel


Before the installment, according to the design paper, must line out the accurate position for the channels along with the ground, and also the position of windows, doors, anitation and pipeline. Pay special attention to arrangement of the boards at doors and window frames vertical or horizontal to the ground in order to avoid cracking of slab joint due to vibration produced out opening and shutting of door and window.


While channels be installmented, channels erected should arrange in turn on same direction. The center distance of the channels ereted around 610mm, especially the erect for the channels. Normally, the boards are arranged and laid longitudinally, i.e the longer side of boards resting on the firm joist.

The slab joint at the both sides of wall body may not staggered if no strict requirement in fire proofing and sound insulation. The stagger joint shall keep up and down if the wall body is higher than 3 meters. Leavejoint 3-5mm between plate or ground for embed need. The butt junction of the boards should be close naturally without strong pressing to the position.


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