Installation Of Fiber Cement Panels

Installation of Fiber cement panels

First of all, according to the requirements of the drawings and the actual size of the field line, with the boom to the main keel level fixed on the floor, the main

Between the keel spacing of about 1m, the cover keel installation must be guaranteed in the same level.

When the fiber cement panels are laid, the long side of the plate must be perpendicular to the direction of the secondary keel and the width of the sheet

Of the staggered arrangement of the screw from the edge of the board is 15mm, from the corner of the 50mm position, the screw spacing of

180 ~ 200mm or so, before the first plate according to the keel of the sub-grid in the board on the line, in the nail through the location of the first

Drill a shallow pits to ensure that the plate is flat and the screw head sinks into the plate,

0.5mm, fixed plate from the middle, and then fixed around. Board and the gap between the board is not less than 5mm, large area

And long aisle between the top 10 ~ 15m to leave a expansion joints.

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