How To Decorate The Ceiling?

How to decorate the ceiling?

Dry Wall Gypsum Board Ceiling Panels Manufacturer.jpgThe ceiling is the top surface of a building's interior. In interior design, the ceiling can be painted, painted to beautify the interior environment and installed with chandeliers, light pipes, ceiling fans, skylights, and air conditioners to change the effectiveness of indoor lighting and air circulation. It is a general term for decorative indoor roof materials. In the past, most of the traditional dwellings were made of straw mats, banquet tables, and wooden boards. As technology advances more modern building materials are applied.

In the past, people's impression of the ceiling was merely stuck on "a piece of white concrete", but it was not known that the ceiling occupies an extremely important position in home decoration. In addition, the ceiling decoration also plays a role in covering beams, pipes, heat insulation and sound insulation. In addition, the design of the ceiling is wonderful, and each one can create different decorative effects. When you are renovating your new home, you may wish to change the ceiling of your room.

Ceiling surface treatment mainly include: coating, roller coating, spraying three kinds, of which the best film. There are many ceiling surface treatments in the market, which are also known as overlays. However, they are a kind of domestic membrane. After molding, the plate is called plastic laminate. There is also a pearlescent plate, which looks almost like a laminated plate, but it is not a membrane at all. It is only in the electrostatic spraying process that pearlescent powder is added to the paint beforehand. This kind of plate is prone to chromatic aberration, and after two to three years, it will change color and lose paint.