How To Choose A Natural Latex Pillow?

1.different age with different pillows not recommended before the age of 1 child with a pillow, 1-5, small pillows, the thickness of 6-8CM. Material is soft and breathable. 6-10 medium pillows can be used, the thickness of 8-12CM, materials to soft, breathable and tough. 12-18 King size pillows can be used, the thickness of 12-15CM, good for Microsoft, good ventilation and toughness of the material.

2.purchase considerations whether synthetic LaTeX 100% LaTeX LaTeX pillows from oil, natural latex from the rubber tree. Natural latex milk delicately flavor, more close to nature and higher costs. Production most are Dunlop latex products, production, lalaine technology of products of better quality, but because of cost and prices higher.

3.selecting the appropriate LaTeX pillows and soft pillow structure in soft and hard, shape specifications are important causes of affected children have a hump. Pillow is used to support the neck, too high, too big, too hard will affect the thoracic spine (the shoulder vertebra) lean forward over time so that young children's cervical spine deformation, which will cause a hump.