Handmade Tiles

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                             handmade tiles  

handmade tiles from the production process of a large 

proportion of manual labor, so the production of each tile 

surface, texture, color, shape are slightly different, and 

even leave the producer's hand pattern, which is hand brick The greatest feature!

handmade tiles specifications differences: because it is 

handmade, so each piece of the specifications have some 

differences, not exactly the same, there are some

difference is still relatively large, there are color

effects will be some differences.

handmade tiles Natural kiln change: In order to meet the natural atmosphere, so there is no special control, not good control, so the color of the ceramic kiln is natural, each color is the same in the same kiln only possible.handmade tiles are small: because of handmade, so the production is limited, and because of the kiln limit, this kiln is relatively small, so it is difficult to produce a lot.