Foam Glass Tube Insulation Applications

Foam glass tube insulation applications

Foam glass pipe insulationis a waste of flat glass and glass bottles as raw materials, high temperature foam molding porous inorganic non-metallic materials, with fire, water, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, moth, no aging, no radioactive, Insulation, anti-magnetic, anti-static, high mechanical strength, and all kinds of mud with good adhesion characteristics. Is a stable performance of the external walls and roof insulation, noise, waterproof material.

According to reports, foam glass pipe insulation can also be used in flue, kiln and cold storage of the insulation works, a variety of gas, liquid, oil pipeline insulation, waterproof, fire engineering, subway, library, office, Cinema and other places need to sound insulation, insulation equipment, infrastructure, isolation, sound insulation works, river canal, fence, dam leakage, moth-proof works and other fields. Even with a home cleaning, health care function. The use of foam glass to protect the heating pipe compared with the traditional protective material, can reduce the heat loss of about 25%.

Foam glass, also known as porous glass, its interior is filled with countless openings or closed small pores, pores of the total volume of 80% to 90%, pore size of 0.5 ~ 5mm, and some small to a few microns. Foam glass pipe insulation is the main raw material is broken glass, can be used in acidic volcanic lava substances, such as volcanic ash, pumice, perlite, obsidian, blast furnace slag and so on.

Now, foam glass pipe insulation in the domestic application of very small, is a new type of material, can be used as energy-saving windows or architectural envelope insulation materials.

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