Fiber Cement Panels
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          Fiber cement panels

Fiber cement panels in the country most of the use of asbestos fibers are enhanced, this fiber cement board is called chrysotile asbestos fiber cement flat; the other is not asbestos fiber, with pulp, wood chips, glass fiber to replace Asbestos fiber from the role of reinforcement are referred to as non-asbestos fiber cement plate.

Fiber cement panels of fiber cement board is very wide, thin plate can be used for ceiling materials, can be perforated as a sound-absorbing ceiling. Conventional board can be used for wall and or decorative materials, indoor (bathroom) partitions curtain wall lining, composite wall panels, outdoor billboards, metallurgy, electric furnace insulation board, electrical distribution cabinet, transformer partitions, Can be used as LOFT steel floor board, attic board, external wall insulation board, wall hanging board.

Fiber cement panels usually require saws or machine tools, and there are three ways to cut:

1. The sheet can be cut with a relatively heavy cutting tool

2. Use fiber cutting machine (Australian cutting method)

3. Heavy plate or high density sheet need to cut the saw.