Fiber Cement Board
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                Fiber cement board

Fiber cement board refers to the cement as the basic materials and adhesives, mineral fiber cement and other fibers as a reinforcing material, by the pulp, forming, curing and other processes made of sheet metal, fiber cement board used in various types of domestic power generation Factories, chemical companies and other places of electricity-intensive cable engineering fire retardant. But also large shopping malls, hotels, hotels, documents Hall, closed clothing market, light industry market, theaters and other public places, interior decoration fire retardant project the best fire retardant materials.

The fiber cement board itself is relatively heavy, moving the uncut complete sheet requires at least two people. 4mm-6mm thickness is thin plate, thin sheet relative to the thick plate is fragile, before the need to carefully move the installation, if you do not pay attention to protection, it is easy to break and broken.

Fiber cement board cutting plate process must pay attention to the wind direction, try to avoid powder inhalation of the body, to wear a mask or special protective tool, plate powder into the lungs for a long time may lead to disease.