Exterior Wall Panels Classification

Exterior wall panels classification

Exterior wall panels sort by usage function

Divided into two categories of interior wall and wall panels.

① inside the wall board. There are three kinds of horizontal wall panels, vertical wall panels and partition boards. Wall panels and vertical wall panels are load-bearing wall panels, wall panels for non-load-bearing wall panels. The interior wallboard shall have the function of sound insulation and fire protection. Interior wall is generally made of a single material (ordinary concrete, silicate concrete or lightweight aggregate concrete) made of solid and hollow two.

② external wall board. There are three kinds of front wall panels, gable panels and canopies. Front wall panels for self-bearing wall panels, gable panels and eaves wall panels for the load-bearing walls

board. In addition to the external wall panels should have a sound insulation and fire function, but also should have a low energy consumption, thermal insulation, impermeability, anti-freeze-thaw, anti-carbonation and other functions and to meet the aesthetic requirements of architectural art, Lightweight aggregate made of a single material can also be made of composite materials (structural layer, thermal insulation layer and decorative layer) made.

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