Eco Outdoor Wood Floor Benefits

1.color-rich, handsome casual:rich colors, available March, straight, blocks, lines, surfaces of arbitrary shape, can fully meet the designer imagination and creative play.

2.comfortable, natural:wood and inherent natural affinity and the appearance of the wood texture.

3.a wide range of uses:can be used in all kinds of gardening, leisure and entertainment, commercial exhibition space and luxury cottage indoor and outdoor walls, top shape and the use of the ground floor.

4.long life:service life of up to 15 years,

5.waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion, deformation: ecological wood and common wood products, fabricated metal products more waterproof, moisture-proof. Can be directly used for above 70 degrees-20 degrees Celsius below zero degrees Celsius under adverse weather conditions dry and wet environments, and no deformation, cracking, warping, mildew and corrosion. Without distortion.