Drop Ceiling Grid
Drop Ceiling Grid.jpg

                                Drop Ceiling Grid

Drop Ceiling Grid is the use of steel grating as a ceiling decoration products.

Drop Ceiling Grid mesh has a high strength, light

structure, a solid grid pressure welding structure so that it has a high load, light structure, easy to lift, installation and so on.Drop Ceiling Grid mesh has a beautiful appearance, durable: hot dip zinc surface treatment to have a very good anti-corrosion ability, the surface gloss beautiful.

Drop Ceiling Grid mesh has a good ventilation, lighting, heat, explosion-proof, anti-skid performance.

Drop Ceiling Grid mesh is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Drop Ceiling Grid mesh can be widely used in printing shops, industrial plants, exhibition centers, large stadiums, commercial exhibitions, stations, docks, airports and other commercial and industrial buildings such as ceiling. The ceiling mesh has a certain carrying capacity and has a decorative steel grating plate product.