Decorative Thatch
 Decorative thatch.jpg

                     Decorative thatch

Decorative thatch because the poor have no ability to build a better house to produce a kind of house, because the  Decorative thatch of thatch does not have to spend money, but also easier to collect, and can shelter, so poor people choose to  decorative thatch to build house.But now the nature of the  decorative thatch has been changed mainly used to watch the use of decorative thatch in the country's wilderness, there is a simple quiet beauty, it is leisurely, detached, I forget, with a soul-stirring chivalrous tenderness The Decorated thatch is the background of the pastoral and is now the first choice for many resorts and ecotourism sites.

Decorative thatch is the history of the countryside on the side of the mirror is never rusty, issued bronze-like light, regardless of the sea, still leisurely rice in the rice between Ma Tao, reflecting the five thousand years of civilization. It is like a weather-beaten old man, to honest, simple image isolated in the verdant fields, Castle 

Peak neighborhood, Kingfisher accompanied, beard hair must be gently fluttering in the wind, pleasant face of the field blooming flowers. So it has become a people from the city, quasi-nature of a representative of the building.