Decorative Resin 3D board

Resin 3D board  is made of Resin aerospace composite material (include unsaturated resin, glass fiber, aluminum hydroxide, and other additives) with thermosetting moulding techniques. It is a new type of composite molding decorative materials.


Resin 3D board  has soft Visual effect, good feeling, high strength, flame retardant, fire-resistant and strong weather-resistance.

Insulation, thermal insulation performance is excellent.

Good water resistance. And it will not appear bad phenomenon such as corrosion, deformation, faded etc. in damp environment.

mildew proof and bacteria proof

acid and alkali proof, Scratch resistant

energy conservation and environmental protection


Resin 3D board  has remarkable sound-absorbing effect. It is a good sound insulation material which is suitable for high-grade office buildings, large conference rooms and other public places.

Resin 3D board gets diverse design and color. It can be freely combined according to your need. Not only showing your creativity, but also the elegant atmosphere which is suitable for medium and high-grade decoration.

Longer service life, stable performance



(1)   Clean and sanitary place: schools, auditoriums, gymnasiums, churches, hotels and so on; 
(2)Moisture-proof anti-bacteria places: spa baths, saunas, swimming pools, aquariums and so on; 
(3)Sterile dust-free places: hospitals, laboratories, laboratories, high-precision electronic products factories, workshops, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, food manufacturing, aerospace, bio-engineering lab and so on; 
(4)Large commercial establishments: railway stations, airports, convention centers, commercial pavilions and so on. 


300*300mm 600*600mm 300*600mm

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