Decorative Moss

Decorative moss

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Decorative moss micro-landscape will use some plants and moss with the landscape, landscaping plants generally include: wolf tail fern, reticulate grass, Podocarpus, coffin grass, pocket coconut and so on. Such plants are beautiful in appearance, color green and growing environment and decorative moss similar, like the higher humidity environment. Especially the ferns are most commonly used [1].

Common decorative moss micro-landscape, the scene with the accessories to Miyazaki Jun series of animation characters in the movie model, especially in the catwalk series dolls the most common, lovely Totoro, running Xiaomei are classic Moss micro-landscape dolls match. In addition, Joe flow of water, small mushrooms, Shen wood, small fence, pebbles, river sand and so are commonly used accessories. These gadgets are just right to apply to the moss micro-landscape set, get rich landscape effect.