Construction Of Wooden Acoustic Panels

Construction of wooden acoustic panels

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Wooden Acoustic Panels.jpg

Wooden acoustic panels refers to the plate with a sound-absorbing noise reduction of the material, wooden acoustic panels are refined according to the principle of acoustics, finishes, core materials and sound-absorbing mats.

Finishes: veneer, melamine finish or paint.

Sound absorption mat: the color is black, paste in the sound absorption board on the back, with fire sound absorption performance.

Slat width: 128mm.

Strip length: up to 2440mm.

Tolerance: width 0.1MM, length 2MM.

Imposition: slender long side according to the actual needs of 90 degrees angle made of mouth and notch to splicing.

Wooden sound-absorbing panel cross-section structure:

The principle of sound-absorbing panels: sound-absorbing panels on the surface of a lot of holes, the sound into the hole, the structure will be a bit like a sponge in the inner wall of random reflection, until most of the energy of the sound waves are consumed, into heat Sound effects.

Sound-absorbing panels contain a lot of small gaps, these gaps on the sound waves produce sound effects, especially for the frequency of more than 600 Hz sound effect is very significant.