Concept Of Water Permeable Brick

Permeable brick using automated processing equipment, advanced kiln firing from, products on November 22, 2001 People's Republic of China utility model patent certificate issued by the intellectual property office, on January 11, 2002 in Beijing passed the appraisal of experts organized by the National Ministry of construction, and won the "national key new product" by the experts alike, and is recommended as an ideal laying building materials.

Can be widely applied to ecological parks, squares, sidewalks, parking lots, residential areas, etc, to create elegant, colorful urban landscape and beautify our living environment, its unique features as follows:

(1) natural precipitation quickly through the surface, replenish groundwater resources at the right time;

(2) air permeability, surface temperature and humidity can be adjusted to eliminate the "heat island" maintain the ecological balance of the Earth's surface;

(3) the road free of stagnant water on rainy days to prevent reflective at night, improving the comfort and safety of vehicles and pedestrians;

(4) to absorb noise generated by vehicles, creating a quiet and comfortable traffic environment;

(5) and is formed by high-temperature sintering, compressive, flexural strength are higher than the building industry laying material standard;

(6) water permeable brick specifications, color pan, laying out the elegant urban landscape;

(7) in the flood-hit areas, have curbed the floods.