Classification Of Wall Covering Panels

Classification of wall covering panels

The wall covering panels is divided into:

Fiber cement wall hanging board

It is easy to be engraved and can create a simple and natural architectural style. It has been started in some state-of-the-art engineering because of its anti-corrosion, anti-aging, no radiation and low cost, energy saving and environmental protection. Use, such as the Shanghai World Expo China Theme Pavilion, the Ministry of Public Security Badminton Hall. With the progress of society, fiber cement wall hanging board will be increasingly used in a variety of building walls, and as foreign as the mainstream of the building.

Metal wall hanging board

Metal wall hanging board, can also be divided into two categories. One is the composite material hanging plate. The second category is a single layer of metal wall hanging board. It is made of high quality steel sheet for construction.

PVC wall hanging board

PVC wall hanging board, it is a kind of plastic PVC as the main body of plastic, for the external walls of the building; play the role of covering, protection and decoration.

Solid wood wall hanging board

Solid wood wall hanging board material affinity, beautiful texture, wood is the earliest use of human natural materials, but also when this world

The only renewable, natural degradation of the biological resources, wood wall board volume is small, high strength, anti-vibration, anti-vibration, low thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, impact resistance, durability, with Elasticity and toughness, easy processing.

Stone wall hanging board

Stone is also a common external wall hanging plate, he has a wall hanging board most of the required work

Can be used by many buildings. Stone defects, one is some stone radiation, will cause some damage to the human body; Second, the stone is not renewable resources, expensive; Third, the weight of the external walls of the wall and steel structure requirements are higher.

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