Classification Of Cement Wall Panel

Classification of cement wall panel

Cement  wall panel.jpgCement wall panel

Cement wall panel, fiber cement board; according to the strength is divided into non-pressure plate (ordinary board), fiber reinforced cement board, high-density fiber cement pressure plate; according to the use of The fiber is mainly divided into chrysotile fiber cement board and non-asbestos fiber cement board.

1, ordinary cement wall panel

Ordinary cement board is commonly used in the most low-end products, specifications to 1200 * 2400 * mainly in the thickness of 6-12mm between the market price of roughly 10 yuan 20 yuan, the main component is cement, fly ash, Sand, the cheaper the price the cheaper the amount of cement, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs or even without cement.

Cement wall  panel.jpg

Cement wall panel

2, fiber cement wall panel

Fiber cement wall panel, also known as fiber reinforced cement board, with the ordinary cement board is the main difference is to add a variety of fiber as a reinforcing material, so that the strength of cement board, flexibility, bending resistance, impact resistance and so greatly improved. The added fibers are mainly mineral fibers such as asbestos, plant fibers such as pulp, synthetic fibers such as vinylon, man-made fibers such as glass wool. According to the different addition of fiber, is divided into chrysotile asbestos and non-asbestos board.

Cement wall panel.jpg

Cement wall panel

3, fiber cement pressure plate

Fiber cement pressure plate is the main difference in the production process by a special press from the suppression, with a higher density, waterproof, fire, sound insulation performance, bearing, anti-impact resistance is stronger, its performance level In addition to raw materials, formulations and processes, the main depends on the size of the press pressure.