Characteristics Of Mineral Fiber Ceiling Title

Characteristics of mineral fiber ceiling title

1, mineral fiber ceiling tiles effective use of long life. Complete inorganic mineral wood - based panels, similar to the life properties of concrete;


2, high strength, fully meet the indoor ceiling and wall use requirements;


3, mineral fiber ceiling tiles light weight. Fully applicable to new buildings, without additional consideration of additional load problems. While light weight to meet the renovation of old buildings, do not have to worry about the weight of the original structure of the impact;


4, mineral fiber ceiling tiles are completely non-combustible material. Meet the GB 8624-2006 standard, the detection reached the highest non-flammable A1 level, while meeting the requirements of IS0-1182 standard, and in the event of fire did not smoke, gas generated, so that the user's life security is guaranteed;


5, mildew, anti-bacterial. Due to the characteristics of mineral fiber ceiling tiles, the surface of the plate will not produce mold, so that the user's health is guaranteed;


6, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. So that users do not have to worry about the use of appropriate occasions;


7, anti-subsidence. The moisture resistance of the substrate itself, in the long-term state, will not produce deformation, collapse led to subsidence and affect the beauty and use of the ceiling.


8, special repeatable assembly and disassembly function. So that users can easily remove any one of the ceiling to repair the system behind a variety of electrical equipment, fire equipment and other lines.


9, installation, removal is extremely simple and quick. Without special training can be used in accordance with the instructions for the installation and removal of the plate, are typical DIY (DIY) products, non-professional installation staff can easily get a good installation effect.


10, mineral fiber ceiling tiles finishes have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Easy to meet and reflect the user's unique aesthetic style, ready to adjust the lamp, switch and socket location and combination of a new pattern effect.

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