Cement Sheet
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                       Cement sheet 

Cement sheet  is a cement as the main raw material 

processing and production of a building plate, Cement sheet  is between a gypsum board and stone, free cutting, drilling, carving of the building products, with its superior to gypsum board, wood Of the fire, water, corrosion, pest control, noise performance and far lower than the price of stone and become the construction industry widely used in building materials.

Cement sheet  length and width of the standard 

specifications are 1200 * 2400mm and 1220 * 2440mm, manufacturers can basically customize the length of 2000-2500mm, width of 1000-1250mm within any specifications, 

other specifications can be cut on this basis.

The thickness of the Cement sheet  is 

2.5,3,3.5,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,15,18,20,24,25,30,40,60,90mm and so on.

Cement sheet  thickness of 4mm or less known as ultra-thin plate, 4-5mm known as thin, 6-12mm known as the conventional plate, 15-30mm and above known as thick plate, 30mm or more known as the thick plate. No manufacturers can only produce small presses 6-12mm ordinary cement board; general manufacturers can only produce 4-12mm sheet, conventional board, thick plate to do well, thick plate can not do; thickness 2.5-100mm can do Of the few manufacturers.