Baby Latex Pillow Identification Method

Baby latex pillow identification method

Smell: baby latex pillow will distribute a touch of frankincense flavor (this taste is latex pillow itself smell) is non-toxic harmless, is the other pillow do not have the characteristics.

Look: baby latex pillow has thousands of honeycomb stomata, more air than other fibers. These holes can drain the baby's body heat and moisture, can promote natural ventilation, provide the best natural air conditioning system, so that the air inside the pillow to keep fresh and healthy. Every season can maintain a comfortable feeling.

Summer use more deeply appreciate its refreshing comfort. Anti-mite antibacterial, to prevent allergies, latex itself has anti-bacterial, dust effect, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, but also to prevent skin, nose allergy.

Touch: feel comfortable, like the baby skin-like tender; sweat contact latex pillow will make the latex yellow, which is normal.

Pressure: baby latex pillow hand pressure will quickly rebound.

Baby Latex  Pillow.jpg

Baby Latex Pillow.jpg