Artificial Straw
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                             Artificial Straw

Artificial straw development has now been more than 40 years of history,  artificial straw began to originate in the United States, when the natural grass under the roof can not grow, in order to solve this problem, the use of artificial turf. Since then, artificial turf from the United States to the world popular to form the formation of the American grass, European grass, artificial straw and Asian grass split market situation, and the artificial straw because of long history, materials and advanced technology has a stronger market competition force. artificial straw and has a very great advantage, and there is no doubt that it will be more and more widely

used.artificial straw anti-aging, sunscreen, waterproof, non-slip, wear, comfortable

feet, bright color, long life, without a lot of investment in the use of artificial grass, the main advantages include:

1, have better flexibility and enough cushioning force.

2, breathable and permeable.

3, greatly reduce maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water requirements.

4, in line with environmental requirements, lawn layer can be recycled.

5, increase the movement area, reduce the noise on the playground, and has the role of shock absorption, decompression, in line with the requirements of open teaching.

7, the use of silver white quartz sand or sand filled, so that students will not be dirty clothes and the environment, and all the marking on the playground are all used directly weaving, no longer for the regular crossed and distressed.

8, economical and practical, an investment can guarantee more than seven years of service life, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

9, construction and installation period is short, quick.