​Application Of Cement Boards

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Application of cement boards

The quality of cement boards products and manufacturers of equipment, raw materials, formula, technology, production level, management system has a great relationship, cement boards and calcium silicate board manufacturers are numerous, almost all over the country, and its product quality Missing vary greatly, the price difference between the level. Many businesses or manufacturers to ordinary cement boards or calcium silicate board posing as fiber cement pressure board to deceive the user, how to choose the real needs of the product and not by lawless business cheating, is the majority of users concerned about a problem.

1, calculate the density:

Fiber cement pressure plate is closely related to the density and density, the user can determine the weight of the plate according to the weight of the board is a good fiber cement boards or calcium silicate board. Good fiber cement pressure plate, the conventional board density of 1.8g / cm3 or so, natural state 1200 * 2400mm plate weight about 5.5kg / mm or so, plate density of about 1.95, natural state 1200 * 2400mm Plate weight about 6kg / mm or so. The density and weight of the fiber cement pressure plate are lower, the density is between 1.6-1.7 / cm3, the weight of the sheet is about 5kg / mm, the weight of the thick plate is about 5.5kg / mm, the density of ordinary cement or no pressure plate is 1.5mg / Cm3, the weight of about 4.5kg / mm. Calcium silicate board density of 1.2g / cm3 or so, 3.5kg / mm or so.

2, asked the special specifications:

No presses manufacturers can only produce 6-12mm thickness of the board, press the small manufacturers can not produce ultra-thin plate and thick plate, can not produce ultra-thin plate and ultra-thick plate products manufacturers that their press is too small or even There is no press, naturally can not produce the best fiber cement pressure plate.

4, choose the most powerful manufacturers:

To the manufacturers to buy, to avoid unscrupulous businesses to other manufacturers of goods shoddy; more contact several manufacturers can field inspection of the strength of the manufacturers to compare to buy the best products. When the election of manufacturers, depending on the size and strength of manufacturers, management and so on. Avoid choosing small workshops or family-run businesses.

5, check the qualification:

Formal manufacturers have the relevant product qualification, such as physical performance testing reports, load detection reports, sound detection reports, three standard certification. It should be noted that some unscrupulous businesses or manufacturers tampering with other people's test report or tamper with the test report data fool users, to avoid the method can log on the detection agency's website or call to verify the authenticity of the test report and the true and false data.