Acoustic Wall Panels

                            Sound Proof Walls


Sound Proof Walls  is mainly used for highway, elevated road, urban light rail subway and other traffic municipal facilities in the noise reduction, control traffic noise on the impact of nearby urban areas can also be used for factories and other noise sources Sound noise reduction. Divided into pure sound of the reflective sound barrier, and sound absorption and sound insulation combined complex sound barrier, which is more effective sound insulation made out. Most of the sound barriers are selected sound and sound insulation hybrid products, the type of product is characterized by the road noise generation and transmission characteristics of targeted control. Such as car and road friction sound or locomotive and track friction sound in the lower part of the road, the sound through the upper part of the screen body to diffuse the characteristics of the design of the upper and lower sound absorption, the sound of the structure, so that can effectively reduce the noise around The use of transparent reflective soundproof panels in the middle of the sound barrier can effectively interrupt the propagation of sound waves and provide an open vision environment for drivers and residents. The field of architectural acoustics, through acoustic management, control reverberation time and indoor sound environment, to meet the requirements of professional venues. According to the sound barrier application environment,Sound Proof Walls sound barrier is divided into traffic noise barriers, equipment noise attenuation noise barriers, industrial plant noise barriers. According to the material classification can be divided into the following categories: metal sound barrier (metal louvers, metal mesh), concrete sound barrier (lightweight concrete, high-strength concrete), PC sound barrier, glass steel sound barrier. According to different purposes can be divided into such categories: rail sound barrier, road sound barrier, urban landscape sound barrier, residential noise reduction barrier.

Sound Proof Walls also refers to the recording room or studio used in the activities of the wall panels, usually one side of the sound-absorbing material, the other side for the sound insulation and reflective material. Its role is to reduce the recording of the sound source between the crosstalk, or the use of wall panels on both sides of different sound absorption characteristics, adjust the sound source sound quality.