Excellent Natural Latex Rubber Foam Pillow for Organic Sleep
Excellent Natural Latex Rubber Foam Pillow for Organic Sleep
Product Details

Excellent Natural Latex Rubber Foam Pillow For Organic Sleep

Product Description of natural latex foam pillow

    Hotsale b shape memory foam pillow, memory foam pillow with bamboo cover, latex memory foam pillow takes the perfect scientific design of 40 angles so as to keep head, neck and shoulders in the natural physiological curve, with the result to improve and protect cervical vertebra from deforming.Air holes design keeps enough oxygen in, which prevents from body suddenly choking. Special inner cover is resistant to antimicrobial and resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Advantages of Natural Latex Foam pillow
1.Natural latex foam pillow provides continuous orthopedic support. It's naturally resistant to bacteria,mold,mildew,mites. 

2.100% natural 
3.Superior comfortable 
6.Self-ventilating structure 
Standard latex pillow is suitable for all age group.

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Q1. Can I get a sample of your products?

A1. Sure, just contact the salesman by the info below.


Q2. Is there any other size for selection?

A2. Yes there is. We accept customization, so you can tell us what size you need and we will look to it, quote you the new price.


Q3. Can I customize the package of the product?

A3. Of course you can, just contact the salesman by the info below and express your opinion, we will do our best to suit your needs. Currently we have some special package like non-woven bags, color box and vacuum bags.

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