Modern Wall Art Interior 3D Decorative Wall Panels 3D Boards/Panels
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Modern Wall Art Interior 3D Decorative Wall Panels 3d Boards/Panels

Make any wall an concent wall! 

With our beatiful and elegant 3D Wall Panels, it is fun and easy as 1-2-3!!!

3D Wall Panels are eco-friendly and safe decorating materials that is unique and elegant. It’s manufactured by pure plant fiber. 3D Wall Panels can compliment virtually indoor residential and commercial environment and help you to creat colorful lift space. It’s morden, simple and economical decorative wall materials that can be installed quickly and painted in any color to compliment interior rooms.

Modern Wall Art Décor Interior 3D effect Wall Panels can be used to create accent walls, TV background walls, bedrooms, kidsroom, offices,restaurants and entertainment centers.

Size available:
500mmx500mm, 300mmx300mm, 625mmx800mm and so on.

Installation Methods for 3D Wall Panels:

1.Make sure the walls that you are going to install the tiles on is clean and free of loose paints.
2.Plan ahead the layout of the 3D Wall Panels on the wall.
3.Using a level you may draw on the panels before installing them.
4.Apply glues on the wall and the 3D Wall Panels.
5.First install the full panels, do all the cutting at the end.
6.Use the drywall sandable compound to fill the gaps between panels and sand them smoothly.
7.Apply the coat primer and paint any color you may like.


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