3D Panels for Walls
3D Panels for Walls
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3d Panels for Walls

3D panels (also known as three-dimensional board, three-dimensional board or three-dimensional buckle, etc.), currently on the market  there are many types of 3d panels for walls, such as :  PVC, ABS, GRP and bamboo fiber made 3d panels. They can be freely colored, can be freely combined graphics, a variety of patterns optional, customizable patterns.3D panels  are a new proprietary patented decorative design material for walls.

Application scope:


3D panels are mainly used in walls decoration:


1. Residential building


Used in home improvement TV background wall, sofa backdrop, children's room, the elderly room.


Master room, living room, bedroom and other wall decoration features.


2. Commercial building


Used in luxury hotels, guest houses, clubs, office buildings, office buildings, bars, cafes, restaurants, bathing centers and other decorative design. And high-end shopping malls, karaoke bars, KTV, hospitals, sports venues and so on. The effect of high-grade and three-dimensional relief texture.