3 Dimentional Wall Panels
3 Dimentional Wall Panels
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3 Dimentional Wall Panels

Noya 3 dimentional wall panels are made from various plant fibers, such as the reed, sugarcan, straw, palm, bamboo etc. By the most advanced automatic molding equipments and technique.

Product features:
1.100% Eco-friendly.
2. No using the wood fiber, in favor of protecting the forest resource;
3. No noxious or harmful chemical materials content;
4. Hard texture with fashionable appearance;
5. Exquisite off-white paintable surface;
6. Suit for DIYprocessing;
7. Light weight and easy to install
8. Paintable surface

9. Shaped in 3 dimentional way with artistic  effects

Size available: 500mm*500mm, 800mm*800mm, 1000mm*1000mm.


Project photos of 3 Dimentional Wall Panel:

3D WALL PANEL_Bladet.jpg

3D WALL PANEL_Brad.jpg