3D Textured Interior Wall Boards/Panels/Panelling for Modern Wall Decor
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3D Textured Interior Wall Boards/Panels/Panelling For Modern Wall Decor

3D Textured Interior Wall Panelling

Our 3D Wall panelling is produced from the bamboo fiber pulp. The 3D Textured Wall Panelling provides a variety patterns for every interior decoration from commercial to residential. 

Dramatic 3D Textured Wall Panelling will help you to transform your interior from flat to multidimentional.
There are more than 70 patterns available for your choice. The original color is matte white. You can just paint it at any color you like when installation.

Size available:
300mmx300mm, 500mmx500mm and 625mmx800mm.

The 3D Textured Wall Panelling is very light weight, which can be processed easily. We accept OEM processing. You creat your own designs and we could help you to produce it out.

Packing details for 3D Textured Wall Panelling

Installation instructions for 3D Textured Wall Panelling:

1.Clean the surface which you are installing the panels on.
2.Plan your design layout. Measure and mark vertically and horizontally the area of installation
3.Start working from the top corner. Check the corners with a carpenters square to ensure that they are fully square.
4.Apply glue on wall and the 3D Textured Wall Panelling (fast bonding spraying glue recommended)
5.Stick panels on the wall. Use pins or apply pressure on four corners and edges of the panel
6.Apply primer coat.
7.Fill any gaps with paintable caulking.
8.Apply final coat of paint on the 3D Textured Wall Panelling.


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