Low Density &thermal Conductivity Foam Glass Insulation
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Low Density &thermal Conductivity Foam Glass Insulation

Foam Glass Insulation

Foam glass insulation is both coldness keeping and heat keeping insulation material, which suits for a wide range of working temperature. Meanwhile , its important value lies in the property stability through long service hours.
Besides,the material itself is fire protective and shock resistant .It is not only safe and reliable but durable as well.

Application of foam glass insulation :
Foam glass insulation is used in low-temperature, underground engineering projects, flammable and explosive, humid environments as well as environment with chemical corrosion.

Properties of foam glass insulation:
1.low density
2.low thermal conductivity
3.Non flammable 
4.Mold resistant
5.high strength
Specification:620*470 mm / 610*457 mm / 600*450 mm , thickness 30-150 mm

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