Wood acoustic panels of the product features

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Wood acoustic panels of the product features

Wood acoustic panels with the material light, the same type, high strength, handsome in appearance, elegant color, decorative effect is good, three-dimensional sense of strong, easy to install and so on.

Technology industry - a variety of materials according to the principle of acoustics, with reasonable, with excellent noise reduction sound absorption, medium and high frequency sound absorption effect is particularly good.

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Art products - both natural wood texture, simple and natural; also reflect the modern rhythm of the bright and bright style, excellent decorative products, according to the needs of natural grain, pattern and other decorative effects, to provide good Visual enjoyment.

Environmentally friendly products - all materials in line with national environmental standards, low formaldehyde content, the product also has a natural wood aroma. With the highest fire rating of wood B1. This point has been passed by the national authority department.

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Easy installation - standardized module design, the use of slot, keel structure, easy to install, fast.

Industrial production - to change the traditional building materials extensive production, with automatic computer control equipment, large-scale standardized production, that is, to improve production capacity, but also to ensure product quality.