Why are the ceilings white?

Why do the ceilings are white?


High Quality Fiberglass Insulation Building Materials Decorative Fiberglass Ceiling Wall Panel.jpgIt is believe that the designers often share that most people's house decoration, the ceiling is mainly white, why the ceiling is white, if you do not want to be so monotonous, can you use other colors to make the ceiling?

The reason for this is that the height of most houses is less than 3 meters. If white is used as the ceiling, it is easier to ignore the ceiling on the ceiling when standing in the space. On the contrary, if you use color or dark color as the ceiling, it will make the space appear to be very depressed. If people stand in the space, they will feel depressed. If you make the ceiling black, stand inside, there is a feeling of black cloud pressing.

Of course, it doesn't mean that the ceiling can't use other colors. In some industrial style commercial spaces, the height is more than 3 meters. At this time, black or other colors can often be seen, because in such a large space. Even if the ceiling has other colors, it will not make the space appear oppressive. On the contrary, this kind of processing will not make the space appear too empty. So, if your floor height is enough, the ceiling can also be considered for color.