What is Water Permeable Driveway

What is Water Permeable Driveway

Pervious lanes as a new environmentally friendly, eco-type of roads, increasingly by the people, especially the industry's attention. Water Permeable Driveway is made of ecological pervious concrete (concrete) pavement, which can make the rain water quickly penetrate the surface, effectively replenish the groundwater, alleviate the urban heat island effect, and balance the urban ecosystem. Permeable ground can penetrate "ground gas", so that the ground Dongnuanxialiang, rainy season through the water, winter snow, you can increase the comfort of urban living. In addition, due to the porous pavement, the surface area is large, the dust has a strong adsorption force, can reduce dust pollution, but also reduce noise.


1) rainy days, water pavement surface without water, excellent anti-slip road performance, increase road safety and accessibility

2) the use of pervious concrete pavement, you can reduce or cancel the road drainage pipe network settings, reduce the overall cost of the road.

3) Permeable road can be based on the surrounding environment for beautiful graphic design, with a strong decorative.

4) rain through the permeable concrete penetration, reduced into groundwater, increase soil moisture, restore the survival of soil microbial environment, ecological and environmental protection.

5) as a new environmentally friendly, eco-type road materials, in line with low-carbon construction, to promote a large number of pavement.

6) to adjust the surface problem, slow down the heat island effect.

7) reduce the burden of urban drainage network, slow down the problem of urban waterlogging.

8) excellent resistance to freeze-thaw, cold northern areas, the same applies.

9) Porous permeability of the road, with a sound-absorbing effect, can reduce environmental noise.

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