What is the sound proof room

What is the sound proof room

Sound proof room is a modern manufacturing industry, construction engineering and acoustics technology, aesthetics in an effort to improve and control the noise pollution is increasingly an environmental protection equipment, commonly used in places with quiet demand.

Classification and use editing

1. Industrial noise and noise reduction equipment: such as various types of noise room, noise room, noise enclosures, etc., these devices are targeted, such as cold tower noise reduction, large pumps, boiler noise reduction, generator noise Etc. These are mainly designed to improve the design of environmental noise.

2. Medical noise category: here mainly refers to the medical field in a variety of special quiet environment to work or for testing, scientific research and other noise reduction project, such as listening room, language room, control room and so on. 

3. Civil building acoustics categories: There are various types of theaters, cinemas, conference halls, sports venues, recording studios, studios, etc.

4. Popularization categories: all kinds of dance halls, noise windows, noise doors, partitions and other popular noise noise reduction products.

5. Other categories: such as wood sound-absorbing panels, metal sound-absorbing panels, silencers, pipe silencers, anti-vibration devices and other renovation and renovation.

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