What is the PVC wall panles

What is the PVC wall panles


PVC wall panles, also known as the skyline building exterior decoration one board. It is made of polymer mortar, glass fiber mesh, flame retardant molded polystyrene foam board (EPS) or extruded board (XPS) and other materials, the PVC wall panles and other functions in one. Factory production, on-site bonding construction, is to meet the current housing building energy needs, improve the industrial and civil building exterior wall insulation level of the preferred material, but also on the existing building energy-saving transformation of the preferred materials.


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1, insulation, energy saving, waterproof, decorative in one.

2, factory production, product quality and stability.

3, the construction is simple, a complete operation, short cycle, high efficiency, reduce wet operations.

4, the surface layer can be produced according to the design requirements of various color patterns, beautiful and clean.

5, for a wide range of comprehensive construction cost is low.

6, stick together, solid and reliable.

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