What is gypsum ceiling tiles

What is gypsum ceiling tiles

Gypsum ceiling tiles are based on plaster as the main raw material mixed with additives made of fiber, with light, adiabatic, sound absorption, flame retardant and sawable and other properties. Multi-purpose and commercial space science, the general use of 600 * 600 specifications, there are clear bone and dark bone of the points, keels commonly used aluminum or iron.

Chinese name gypsum board ceiling basic materials 9.5mm gypsum board application sites used in hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools.

Gypsum-based ceilings are based on 9.5mm gypsum board as the basic material material, by roller coating, pressure hole or paste PVC cover material, and made.

Gypsum ceiling tiles are mainly used in hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, entertainment, office buildings and shops.

Gypsum board ceiling with fire, moisture, dust, noise, nice, high-quality environmental protection, fashionable and so on.

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