What are the Gypsum Ceiling tiles methods

What are the Gypsum Ceiling tiles methods

Gypsum Ceiling tiles is a modern home decoration ceiling ceiling is often used in a class of decorative plates, gypsum board in the installation process need to have a certain method and precautions, so as to ensure the installation of good results,Gypsum Ceiling tiles method which What do you need to be aware of during the installation process?

Gypsum Ceiling tiles methods and precautions:

1, according to the use of the environment, the correct selection of gypsum board type. Kitchen, bathroom and other easy to wet room, to use waterproof gypsum board, or in the ordinary gypsum board surface for moisture treatment and then use, to ensure that the use of the process in the future have a certain waterproof performance.

2, gypsum board ceiling construction should be carried out after the plaster on the wall. When the wall with gypsum board light steel keel wall, such as partition keel straight to the bottom of the floor, the ceiling installation should be installed after the partition. If the wall keel only to the ceiling elevation, should first install the ceiling keel. Indoor floor construction should be completed before the start of the ceiling installation, so as to avoid the ground when the construction of a large number of moisture gypsum board deformation.

3, Gypsum Ceiling tiles can be used in the following two ways:

    1), direct paste installation: the roof repair was smooth, smooth, and then use the adhesive to paste the gypsum board directly on the roof. If the gypsum board is too long to be cut from the front to start, and then cut the back of the paper, so that the cutting edge straightforward.

    2), screw flat installation: If the use of wood keel gypsum board, galvanized round nails or screws can be fixed with the keel, nail eye filled with putty, and then use the same color with the board smear; such as the use of U-type light steel keel , Gypsum board can be used galvanized tapping screws and keel fixed.

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