Water permeable pavement function

Water permeable pavement function

1, Water permeable pavement as a new environmentally friendly, eco-type road materials.

2, color water permeable pavementto prevent road water, no reflection at night, increase road safety and accessibility.

3, permeable concrete pavement water permeability, can quickly penetrate the groundwater, restore groundwater, keep the soil moisture, maintain groundwater and soil ecological balance, but also to avoid excessive exploitation of groundwater caused by foundation subsidence.

4,water permeable pavement has a unique pore structure, its heat and heat storage function close to the natural vegetation covered by the ground, adjust the urban space temperature and humidity, ease the city heat island effect.

5, water permeable pavement porosity is large, with sound-absorbing effect, can reduce environmental noise.

6, a large number of pervious pavement can absorb urban pollutants (such as dust), reduce dust pollution. And easy to maintain, just use high-pressure washing method, you can handle the problem of pore blockage.

7, romantic water pavement has a series of color configuration, according to the needs of the surrounding environment design, with a strong decorative.

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