U shape pillow effect

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U shape pillow effect

1.U shape pillow of its unique ergonomic design of the neck pillow, can effectively prevent the strain of the cervical spine, the cervical spine to play a good support effect and role.

2.U shape pillow is a unique space memory cotton material, a very good slow rebound characteristics and temperature sense of memory characteristics, can sense the temperature of the human body to adjust the density of the pillow to achieve the purpose of close fit cervical.

3. For long-distance travel friends, can greatly ease the trouble on the way the cervical spine, can help us on the way to get the role of high-quality rest, reduce and reduce the long-distance travel caused by neck pain.

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4. For long-distance driver of the driver is concerned, you can make the driving head to adjust the curvature of 15-20 degrees, to avoid the oppression of the cervical spine, relieve fatigue, greatly improve the safe driving.

5. Suitable for daily office leisure, whether you are a long time to use the computer, or at home watching TV, or lunch break, can effectively prevent the spine of the spine.

6. For sedentary office staff in terms of, as a mat, the spine play a very good supporting role.

7. office lunch break, can be used as lunch break pillow, desk sleep no longer because of arm pressure caused by body numbness, effective relief of human stress, promote blood circulation, but also a short but comfortable lunch break.