Tips for pillow for baby

Tips for pillow for baby 

There are a wide variety of pillows on the market, how can parents pick it? Select the product must not be cheap, the best choice of professional, and has credibility, logo integrity of the manufacturers, quality is guaranteed. In addition, careful comparison of the table cloth and cloth material, feel the density and weight of the product, and check the appearance is complete, with or without damage, these are required to do the review project, do not careless. In addition, the purchase should not be cheap, the general market of science and technology products are mostly chemical foam, may be distributed toxic substances, buy should be careful, sniffing, smell is an indispensable action.

Use pillow for baby Cause:

Baby sleep always flat face up, sleep cough or vomiting milk, it will flow directly into the nasal cavity and the risk of suffocation. So the baby is best to sleep on the side of the head, but because the baby will not turn the head, the small head will always turn back up. Therefore, in this period to the baby a suitable pillow, it is very important. Baby pillow

Pillow for baby varieties:

In actual use, there are some of the following styles of baby pillow:

One: filled with granular material, mostly for grass seeds, buckwheat shell, silkworm, millet, etc. Granular seed or plant shell. The use of its free to slide the specific, pillow in the baby's head, will not give the baby's neck pressure, and can be fixed to the baby's head sleeping position. To prevent vomiting milk choking nose. This kind of pillow is generally home to self-made, natural environmental protection, local materials, making simple and affordable. Shape mostly simple rectangle. Stupid bear baby pillow

Two: fill the chemical fiber cotton, the middle sewing out a pit, in order to fix the baby head position. The market is basically selling these types of pillows, the shape of the child is generally like the cartoon shape, the middle of the pit. This type of pillow selection must look for product safety standards to ensure that the material of environmental protection, quality, safety to eliminate black heart cotton to ensure that your baby sleep healthy. Such as the market Bei Mei Mei, cherry baby, suitable for the treasure, good boy, stupid bear and some other well-known brands of products, are strictly in accordance with the national baby textiles standard production, you can rest assured that use.

Three: fill chemical fiber cotton, or silk and other soft material, with bamboo charcoal, silkworm sand and other granular materials, processed into a baby head style. Generally still in line with the characteristics of infant development in the middle of low, four weeks high style.

Baby pillow selection:

More than three styles of pillow, the first one of the most practical, affordable, healthy. Granular natural material puzzle brain, and can produce a massage on the baby's head to promote the baby's brain development. But for many urban families, the material can choose the sale of millet millet, rice, millet, or pharmacy to sell silkworm sand, cassia seed and other particles.

The second most common, the most abundant variety, the price is low. Soft filling, can give your baby sleep comfort. But must learn to identify the quality, choose a reliable guarantee of business products. So as not to affect the baby health.

The third in recent years only appeared, pay attention to quality, reliable. Both the advantages of the previous two pillows. But the price is higher. For their own processing difficulties, and baby products have higher requirements of the family, you can use this type of silkworm silkworm sand pillow, cassia seed pillow, chrysanthemum pillow, etc. baby pillow.

8 months after the baby neck began to appear curve, then need to have a certain thickness (usually about 3cm) pillow to support the baby's neck muscle tension, to ensure that the baby spine healthy development. As for the filling material and style, there is no big difference.

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