The necessity of water permeable pavement

The necessity of water permeable pavement

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Living and industrial water is still groundwater. Rational use of the original transparent soil surface, to maximize the maintenance of the original natural state has become a human can not be ignored the focus of the problem.

Every summer, China's cities have been hit by heavy rain, after the storm, the city has occurred serious water phenomenon, leading to traffic congestion, power disruption, housing flooded is an indisputable fact. Experts pointed out that the main reason for this situation is China's urban road impermeable.

In urban construction, many cities use cement, asphalt, concrete and other closed surface, to replace the original soil surface; closed surface in improving the traffic and road conditions, landscaping at the same time, but also on urban ecology and climate environment significantly negative influences:

The city has become "artificial desert". Closed surface and high-rise buildings make the surface of modern metropolis gradually hardened by water-blocking material, water is difficult to infiltration, precipitation quickly become surface runoff, into the river or underground drainage pipes, the formation of the ecological "artificial desert."

City "heat island effect" serious. The water-free pavement lacks the ability to regulate the temperature and humidity of the city, the evaporation of the rain, the surface is easy to dry, the dust pollution is heavy; and the water evaporates rapidly after the rain, the air humidity is large, makes people feel hot and intrepid, Meteorology on the city "heat island effect".

The groundwater level presents a "funnel". The impervious pavement prevents the groundwater supply path, combined with the excessive extraction of urban groundwater, resulting in lower and lower urban groundwater levels, causing land subsidence and coastal areas to lead to seawater intrusion; resulting in geological "funnel" groundwater levels.

The city is full of "dead ground". Hardened impervious surface to the city to regulate the microclimate of the surface plant growth difficulties, and some trees even due to root water shortage, lodging, and thus the loss of ecological effects.

Surface runoff has a serious impact on urban surface water quality. Water permeable pavement can penetrate "ground gas", so that the ground Dongnuanxialiang, rainy season through the water, winter snow, you can increase the comfort of urban living. In addition, due to the porous pavement, the surface area is large, the dust has a strong adsorption force, can reduce dust pollution, but also reduce noise.